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Disty floral

The brief was to make a “Ditsy Floral” pattern. That is, small, scattered, simple flowers. A multi-directional print that from far can appear plain or dotted. Silly or simple little flowers that always work well. 

It is a very common type of pattern, but of course I did not want to do something common, but rather give it a fun and special touch. 

I have observed that in these patterns the colors often do not have a real logic, that is, a pink petal can have a darker area in blue instead of the expected dark pink. With that idea in mind, I let my imagination run wild, and the pen in the tablet too, since this is 100% digital. I designed several bouquets of impossible flowers.

I also wanted to play with the leaves and blades of grass that would frame the bouquets.

It’s a very flexible pattern, you can make many variations of color and size, so many that I almost get lost.