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Night Flowers

The inspiration for this floral pattern is the life of flowers at night.

The idea of wild flowers radiating their aroma and color in the absolute darkness of the night in the deep jungle. Those black backgrounds were also an opportunity to bring a floral print to the winter season.

Initially I was going to work in watercolors as you can see in these preparatory drawings, but finally I opted for the graphic strength of acrylics.

This is the final art. There’s two A3 acrylic sheets with a wax crayon background. What I’m trying to do is create the main repeat motive so I don’t have to modify it so much with Photoshop later.

Once clean, separated and made the final composition, the color variants are developed.

Some without the black background. The final composition has the elements thinly distributed. I finally discarded the waxy background texture so it wouldn’t steal attention from the flowers.